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Potential Impact of Deutsche Bank Potential Trouble on USA Financial Market

As we all are aware that Deutsche bank may be forced by US justice department to pay hefty fine related to sell of toxic mortgage in and around financial crisis in 2008. It is believed that Deutsche Bank may get out of the situation with lower affordable fine. Many are expecting that fine may go upto $14 Bn which may put bank in tough situation.

One of the largest bank worldwide in terms of assets, many customers may start withdrawing their money which may lead to cash crunch and subsequently debacle. I pray that such situation never happen. In a scenario, cash crunch happen then bank may raise funds through bond sell but it will have ripple factor on banking sector.

Deutsche bank is very active participant in world financial market and that may impact the banks based out of US too.

We all know that after 8 years of continuous effort by US government and federal reserve, US economy including financial market started seeing ray of hope.

Any negative around Deutsche bank may dash down those hope and economy may turn upside down as financial market should be growing for any economy to grow.  In my point of view, justice department of US will consider the gravity of situation and will take affordable solution.                  
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