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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi - Time's Person Of The Year 2016 Among Online Readers

Mr. Narendra Modi, The prime minister of India overwhelmingly won Time's "Person of the Year 2016" among online reader's which happened through online poll. He secured 18% of the total vote against the likes of US President Barack Obama, To be US President Donald Trump, Julian Assange, Hillary Clinton and many others. Even though Times Editor Choice went in favor of US to be President Mr.Donald Trump  but it's not far when Narendra Modi will be editor choice too.

Mr. Narendra Modi stormed on Global footprint during India 2014 general election and the following qualities earned him lots of respect and appreciation. Few of them are as follows:
  1. Mr. Narendra Modi took terrorism issue on global level and stressed to define it under UN Charter. He stressed that there should not be any bad or good terrorism.
  2. He travelled across different geography and advocated to eradicate black money. He successfully correlated black money with terror funding
  3. He stressed on health through Yoga which even UN accepted it. Now Yoga day is celebrated across globe
  4. His initiative to help people to come out of poverty through number of domestic program got overwhelming support and success
  5. He worked on economical stability of India and it's friendly neighbors. He successfully launched "Make in India" with minimum clearance requirement and offered companies ease of entry into India
  6. He successfully translated his vision on digital movement along with many global companies which triggered startup era in India. He also started Startup fund to promote entrepreneurship approach among young Indians
  7. He demonstrated his strong will to fight against terrorism and ordered Indian army to cross its borders to neutralize terrorist camps
  8. He showed his risk analysis capabilities by acting against Black Money and started Demonetization Drive in India

As we all know that world is reeling under terrorism threats and attacks are happening across different geographies. His talk and action matched the expectation. On the personal front, his straight talking behavior and willing to collaborate made him popular within his peer community. I won't be surprised in a scenario he receive Noble Prize for uplifting of poor's in India and his stand to fight against terrorism.
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