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Saturn Transit 2017 – 2020 For Leo Zodiac Sign

On 2th January 2017 Saturn is going to Transit from Scorpio to Sagittarius. Saturn will make a move from 4th to 5th house till 24th January 2020 and from 5th house, will look at your 2nd,7th and 11th house. The transition of Saturn in your  5th house is going to bring super result as 5th house bring intellect thinking power that in turn bring prosperity. The intellect thinking carry both positive and negative and you should be careful that you should not loose your focus to be successful. Try to keep your concentration to maximum level.

The last few years were tough for you on health, motivation, unwarranted expenses, depression, loss of money and now it will be other way around. You will fix your health problem, full of motivation, higher risk to reward, good flow of money. Your communication will be the power of your growth and it will bring maximum gain for you. Hence, be very polite while communicating during professional and personal front and support will be next to you.

You relationship with parents will be very smooth and your hard work in building your relationship with your spouse and sibling is going to bring positive result on all front. Your parents health will be good but they should avoid oily and outside food. Any joint and skin related problem should not be considered lightly and must brought to doctor notice.

Be assured that you don't get arrogant after getting initial success and must follow spiritual and meditation path to keep a check on yourself. Must indulge in social activities. Stay away from any activity which is related to gambling, late night parties, drinking and smoking as it may hinder you negatively. One who is looking for their love should not worry as the indication is in their favour. In order to build relationship, be careful on your commitment and if you are not ready for commitment then don’t enter into it. For those who is unmarried is going to get married with highest probability and your married life will be smooth. Help poor and needy to ensure that you don't lose the focus of your life and luck.

The above prediction is based on Astrology which is a Science and for some of them it may not happen. In case one need to know the specifics then they can send their queries to
Charges are applicable for specifics.
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