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Donald Trump Trade Policy - Start Of Recession In USA

USA used to be the frontrunner in defining the rule game of free trade and now doing just the reverse. The honorable President of United States Mr. Donald Trump is still in election campaign mode and get demonstrated it during media meet when Canadian prime minister was visiting him. He came out with presidential directives and some of legislation change recommendation which will hurt Indian IT and other companies.

Donald Trump threat to automobile sector is nothing but an initiative to loose billions of taxes in federal taxes. He wants to raise the import duty on imported vehicle but don't understand that ultimately his own supporters will be forced to pay more.

Reports are already in the media that IT companies are facing issues to find the correct and educated local professional in order to remove the impasse over H1B visa.

The slight disruption in US IT sector is going to unstable the whole economy in no time. Being rich since his childhood, he failed to realize the pain of the common people.In my point of view  in case Donald Trump impose duty and other levy then only God can save US economy.

Disclaimer : Article writer personal opinion.
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