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Taurus Prediction 27 January 2017 - 24 January 2020

Jan 26th 2017 will witness Saturn transiting from Scorpio to Sagittarius and will stay there till 24th Jan 2020. The movement of Saturn from 7th House to 8th house ( Sagittarius governed) and will look at Taurus 2nd, 5th and 10th house. As Saturn position in 7th House in Taurus is the formation of Sade Sati i.e You will be under the influence of Saturn for 7 years and 6 month and it brings hardship, bad health, loss of money, family problem, social problems. The movement of Saturn of Saturn from 7th House to 8th House is not going to bring much of relief.

Taurus should refrain in getting involvement in any other business. Be mentally prepared that you will face problems in business and professional life, Slow life, Hardship and Loss of money. Taurus should be very patient while dealing with any situation as only hardship and honesty can change your fortune. Do not talk unnecessarily. Ensure that you take advice from your family and friends to whom you can rely upon and don't impose your leadership till it comes naturally. Taurus should follow promise they do with other to gain respect and support. Taurus should be ready for frequent travelling.

Interestingly, Mercury is in 2nd House, which may bring windfall of money which might be unexpected. Taurus married male may get  financial windfall from wife & mother side. Siblings may bring good fortune for you. Be careful while spending cash and its recommended to conserve cash as much as possible. Be extra careful before lending any money to anyone and its recommended that you refrain in lending money. You may land yourself in trouble due to sibling which may bring financial losses too. Some of the loved relatives may part ways. Taurus may get their lend money unexpectedly. Taurus may choose to take new lower interest rate loan to replace high interest rate loan. Retired Scorpion will get their savings or pension on time.

Taurus should take extra care of their mother's health. Taurus looking to open new venture may face hassles but will overcome trouble through sheer hard work and commitment. Taurus will be forced to attained many parties and functions. Some of Taurus may inclined towards Festivities but don't over commit yourself as it will lead you to trouble and frustration. Don't get indulged in Court cases or lawsuit. In case it is already running then case will bring unfavourable results.

For employed professionals, you should stick to your job and try to hold on to job. Switch job in a scenario you are extremely confident about the stability of new company. Venus position in 6th house will generate new job opportunities for you. In case of business, Employee may create problem for you but at the end you will be  able to handle them as well as it will bring profitability to you. Saturn is lord of 9th and 10th house whereas Saturn movement in 8th House may land you to a situation where you may face problem in holding up your job.

Live a very balanced life with strict diet plan. Avoid outside food as it may impact your health. Family life will be smooth with lots of support from Uncle side.Your love life will give you the satisfaction and motivation which will lead to take committed step followed by success. Please ensure that you put extra ordinary effort with full heart in each and every activities. Be extra vigilant while dealing with private, personal and government dealing. Taurus trust people easily and now it's the time for them to be careful in showing their trust without being sure as it may bring troublesome time for you and family.

Careful with your and spouse health. Take an expert advice or multiple advice before going for any surgery. Don't get involved in any unlawful activities as it will lead you to disastrous situation. Stay away from betting. Be very careful before investing any penny in Financial market. In case Taurus is running business then it is visible that you will face headwind and you can only resolve that through your hardship.

As a whole,Taurus needs to be careful for the next three year. One needs to very careful on Relation, Health, Finance and Social Image.
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