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Love your dear one before they goes into memory road - live every moment of life

Life is nothing but and an ecosystem which no one can denied. It's a human nature that during his or her life, we tend to get into conflicting mode with many near and dear one. We tend to argue, fight and get concerned about the daily hurdle. It's also human nature to blame other during one or another point of life without realising that down the line in his or her life they will regret their past decision. We call it destiny but destiny can be altered the way we want. Isn't.
We differentiate in our relationship and accordingly extend our help instead of accepting the fact of life that every action of ours carry purpose.
I was very happy living abroad and was unmarried. Used Internet and met my wife through portal and came back. Why I logged in to Internet and particular that portal at that particular point of time. No one think about it but it's a life cycle.  It had a purpose which include getting married, entering into new family, being accepted with full arm. More importantly I was supposed to go through the struggle period which I went but more importantly I was supposed to meet my inspiration and he was none other than my father-in-law. I was supposed to meet my mother-in-law who is taking care of me and she stand on one feet if she feels that I am sad or disturbed.  My father-in-law stood with him and guided me while I was going through professional, financial and mental agony and pushed my moral upwards and successfully inflicted a fighting spirit within me.He gave me the vision and kept on mentoring me.
Five years back he fell sick due to multiple physical problem including Parkinson problem. Even though his health kept on decorating and he started loosing his memory but he kept a constant monitoring on me and guided me through his eyes and cute smile.
I worked hard and achieved what he wanted me to achieve but he kept on saying that I should be humble and help everyone. He kept on saying that you never know the upcoming time and you should diversify and work with honest people. It was his blessing that I got two partner jetender and Rakesh who is nothing but two arm for me.
I loved him from the core of my heart and he kept on appreciating the hard word through ever smiling face.
Unfortunately, yesterday he started another journey at 9.35pm but he reminded me through his eyes that I should love and respect everyone whoever come across to me.
Readers, when we have something, we never value them but when they start another journey of life then we remember his or her words to even smaller pointer.
It's my urge to all reader that don't fight but love everyone. Live every moment of your life and leave as many as memory you can then leave that ad you will be remembered for decades.
Papa I will miss you in all form and will follow your eye guidance for rest of my life. Rest in peace
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