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Exit Polaris Consulting - Stagnated Sales

Polaris Consulting which got acquired by Virtusa Corporation is under the realignment process. The stock price went down from INR 215 to INR 176. On top of that company is trying to shore up their cash position from current level of around 294 Cr to 400 cr plus.

The whole management is engaged in realignment process to refine and define the the product and service which they want to focus on.

The just concluded financial result also came below expectation. Given the current trend of IT industry, in my point of view, Polaris consulting will continue to struggle as many companies to government organization freezed their IT Capex. I will recommend not playing around with F&O. If investor already posses equity and will make huge losses then they should sit tight with equity and wait for an year. If any investor who bought the share at lowers level should exit by selling equity and book profit. If any investor will make small losses then they should switch to NMDC or NTPC or Coal India to be more secured as all these companies are having higher dividend paying companies compared to Polaris consulting.

Please consult your financial advisor before investing
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