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How Mr. Narendra Modi Trumped Indian Political Parties - Exposed Many Without Any Word

Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra is the centre of attraction for all Indian political parties. Political parties blame Mr. Modi for whatever goes wrong. Be it domestic or international and rarely appreciate him. Many tried to level him as communal leader to spark the division of votes to get the votes.

When he tried to improve the image of India as global force in many areas then many opposition parties levelled him as Prime Minister who believes in travelling. When he started social initiative to eradicate poor, Gender equality then many called the initiative non effective.

I failed to understand the basic logic of opposition parties. When opposition was in power then they kept the close eye on many issues and now they are shouting on Mr. Modi.

Mr. Modi tried his level best to improve the relationship with neighbour including China and Pakistan by visiting them officially and unofficially which prompted most of the political parties to point fingers on him.

When he raised terrorism in UN forum then opposition parties reminded him about his aggressive commitment which he did during general election campaign trail. When water went above the tolerance, he showed his commitment to protect his citizen and for the first time acted like soldier to answer unwarranted elements operating from across the border.

We personally got involved with armed forces, concerned minister, security advisor and executed surgical attack on terrorist camps to save us only. As I wrote in my earlier article that Mr.Modi posses 6C's and he showed it through his actions. Unfortunately, most of the political parties were bound to support him as common citizens were being his decision and appreciated him.

At the same time many opposition party clearly understood that the decisive nature and demonstration of the same made Mr. Modi even more popular across India.

Mr. Modi is busy in tackling the situationto eradicate terrorism but opposition parties are worried about election in Punjab and UP where state assembly election will happen next year. They are not worried about India but worried about their vote bank. That prompted few good politicians to ask for the proof of surgical attack. I would like to ask one of the opposition leader and CM of Delhi that "what he has done till now in Delhi". It would be great if he can ask his team to answer it in bullet points followed by proof.

Similarly, one of politician of Congress raised question mark about surgical attack. The case is same with even Congress parties even though they know that Congress president were briefed about surgical attack.

It must have prompted single query to all readers that why those leaders are doing it? Its vote bank politics and they all are aware that Mr. Modi showed the courage, conviction and commitment towards his fellow citizen. It's also clear to them that Mr. Modi party don't need to do any campaign during state election and general election next year given the current popularity of Mr. Modi.

It's really weird that how few play around in order to be in limelight without doing their own introspection.

Modi's Journey of Life 

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  1. Modi is a true leader ....and best for india....else....go to sleep...

  2. Ache din aa gaye.. 👍👍👏👏👏

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  4. Yes, Modi has a great vision for india.

  5. He is a best Prime Minister of India........

  6. Modiji is one of the best Prime Minister of India in recent times.

  7. Listen Pakistan "beware from our lion" and don't do false propaganda on surgical attack to convince the international communities we have full proof of attack