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How One Can Reach From Nowhere to Top - Few Tips

We as human being go through the cycle of growth and failure. The most important point of start is the initial state. Generally, some of us gets very good education whereas some of us are deprived of good education for one or another reasons.

In another scenario, some of us are very good in communication & weak in knowledge and vice versa.Whatever strength we possess the START is the most important factor and one suffer the most that is weak in communications.

It does not mean that one with weak communications cannot achieve growth path even though they face many challenges during growth journey.

I met an engineer with excellent knowledge set but had very weak communications skills. While taking his interview, I asked him that even after getting very good marks, why you are not getting the job. He humbly said that his communication skills are not   good and that is an important parameter of selection process.

I offered him an option that I am ready to give him the opportunity to enable him achieve his vision.
I decided to guide him under my nose and followed the following steps which turned him completely and I can proudly say that today he is working with reputed organization and handling very critical portfolio. On top of that, he received many awards in his field.

1. Conviction - I invested good 15 days in talking with him and tried to understand his hesitation area. I kept on saying that I have a conviction that you will do well. I kept on saying that smart working is more important than hard work. By the end of 15 days, I realized that his way of presentation changed and firmness on his voice started popping up.

2. Communications - Invested around 7 days on his communication wherein I told him to communicate freely with me and I kept on appreciating his effort without any comment on his communication. I asked him to see English News Channel. I asked him to read news paper loudly. I asked him to talk to himself in front of mirror by taking any arbitrary topic and record his talk. I asked him to write whatever he saw on TV Channel. He made remarkable improvement in 7 days which improved his conviction to improve hiscommunications.

3. Search & Learn- Once I got the confidence that he got the conviction to be successfully then I diverted him towards the work profile and taught him the way to use search as skill set to improve knowledge set with single focus on practical or implementation side rather than theoretical part. The process enhanced his problem solving skill set.

4. Interaction with Team: In order to correlate his first three acquired skill set, I asked him to lead a project and that too complex one. Asked him to explain the concept to team and be a backbone of project. Asked him to write the requirement to call flow documents coupled with business case wherein he learned to work in close collaboration with team.

By implementing 4 simple step and close mentoring, I successfully converted him to full blown confident professional. He understood one basic fundamental to be successful is to acquire knowledge set which is going to impact the innovation in future.

In case any reader is facing the similar situation then please do follow the steps and differentiate yourself.
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