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German Chancellor Angela Merkel CDU Party Facing Litmus Test

Recently Germany ruling party CDU is facing the music due to Angela Merkel policies on Refugee.
The civil war in Syria prompted millions of civilians entering into Europe  union countries.Being the driving force in European Union council, Merkel accepted thousands of Refugee into Germany.

The nationalistic citizen of Germany reacted negatively and failed to accept the fact that Merkel took that decision on the basis of humanity.

Merkel party CDU lost local elections. It is expected that during next federal election which is going to be impacted by refugee issue. The another issue which is going to add to wound is recent Deutsche bank saga with US justice department.

With the current trend of domestic local election, CDU may lose federal election and may turn the tide upside down only and only if Merkel manages to kick start economy.

In my point of view, Merkel CDU Party is facing Litmus Test and may given golden opportunity to SDP to end 15 year rule of CDU.
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