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Simple Steps to Identify Team Member Commitment - Crucial for Successful Business

Growing economy bring growing concerns to train and retrain resources to keep then upto date around market dynamics to technological shift. Team member are considered as the backbone of any organization and it is utmost important to identify the correct one.

Basis the attrition rate in IT Sector,  it is evident that many team members never think of company and focus on their pay package.

It takes hell of time, resources and cost for any organization to enable new joinee to adopt the working environment of company.

We always ignore that part when any team member leave organization for better opportunity while putting their existing company project at risk. Earlier, many IT companies used to get the minimum job duration bond sign-off but rarely team member follow that for XYZ reasons.

Why attrition rate is so high and how we can reduce that is big question mark.

Here are some pointer which  may lower attrition rate as well as help companies to identify good team members:

1. It is very important that potential team members understand the value of Job. Always give priority to those team member who struggled  in their professional life. They understand the value of job.

2. Check the financial background of potential team members. If team member support his family then he or she should be considered as they can't afford to shift job and wait for months to get their F&F cleared. They need timely salary in order to support their family and at the same time, family resist Inn case of job switch news.

3. We always focus on good communicator and ignore weak communicator. In my point of view, it should be other way around. Weak communicator are mostly very good at work and accept any assignment at any point of time. They make more effort as they know that company is watching them as they have weak communications.  I implemented it in my organization and team is doing fabulously well.

4. We always miss to connect with out team member on personal level. It helps to understand their mindset. Anyone complaining about other team members indicate that he or she will never be committed team member.

5. Observe team member activity on social or messaging media. It's a distraction and also indicate that team member focus level is not centralized & many more.

We must agree on one point that one should have knowledge rather than degrees as at the end knowledge matter not degrees. If reader would like to add then please comment.

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