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Arvind Kejriwal - Modern Era Politician Of India

Arvind Kejriwal currently serving as Chief Minister of India. He is an IITian,RTI activist turned politician & entered politics to give corruption free governance to Indian Citizens.We all are ambitious, selfish in nature being human being and same goes with Arvind Kejriwal. After joining Anna Hazarre movement against corruption & implementation of Jan Lokpal, Arvind Kejriwal came into limelight & credit goes to Anna for the same.

The countrywide support for Anna as Indian Citizen were experiencing widespread corruption,high inflation and policy paralysis triggered Arvind to take that as an opportunity to enter Politics.After reading the weakest link of common people emotions, he ditched his mentors to many senior partners, he floated Aam Aadmi Party along with some of the partner who used to be ground level small time activist.

Arvind kejriwal used weakest link and started chanting accusation model against each party to personality without any basis. He successfully projected that he is the most caring person for the common citizen and started making his base in low earning group as he was aware that they can be twisted the way he wants.He got the success in Delhi assembly election with good number of seats supported by wider citizen's base.Being an opportunistic politician, he collaborated with his major opponent Congress to get the tag of Chief Minister.

Then his ambition reached to next level when he observed the sudden rise of Narendra Modi. He played the game and resigned from CM position and to get the sympathy of common people, contested 2014 assembly election against Narendra Modi. During general election he realized that you criticize the most powerful personality of country to get the TV footage which in turn will help his own party.He played that and spread the communication to Delhi people that he is the only Savior and won Delhi election with huge margin.

Post taking over CM position, he used government tool to get his party advertisement, implemented blame, run and rule approach. His ambition got bigger and targeted Punjab election by focusing on Drug issue but failed to communicate that what is the situation in Delhi.Most of the time, he stated spending in Punjab talking about corruption, governance,drugs, drinking, home violence and gained huge support base. At the same time being a clever politician he missed to tell the innocent Punjab people that his own minister is doing the above and considered most inefficient government India ever witnessed.

One cannot drive two cars but he is trying the same. Being Delhi CM, Delhi people expect him in Delhi taking care off common people but Arvind Kejriwal adopted a strategy to blame central government and Delhi LG for his failure. Isn't it laughable.If one looks his approach, he is more involved in staging protest for even small things across different state instead of raising Delhi issues.
If you all remember all his allegation against Reliance,Adani,Finance Minister of India to many more came out as lies and it does not suit the respectable position of Delhi CM.

It's a saying that you can win the heart and mind of people through good work instead of lies. By lying the growth will be limited and once common people rejects you then you are out for many years and one should learn from Lalu Prasad Yadav.

The above shows that how lust for power changed an activist into very ambitious person to be the Prime Minister of India.He can be the Prime minister of India provided he does the work on ground level which gets translated into result instead of ruling few states by winning election using lies.

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