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Hillary Clinton May Win US Presidential Election 2016 With Wide Margin

Today US citizens are going to vote for their president and will define their future accordingly.  The Republican candidate Donald Trump left no stone Unturned in order to dent Hillary reputation. It's a saying that "Over Confidence = Guaranteed Failure" and that what is going to happen with Donald. He pulled his campaign nicely at the last stage by investing millions of $ but missed the silver line.The blunders such as comment about Hispanic, Muslims, Anglo African community and direct attack on Obama left him to rely on white American.

The early voting of around 40 million is going to play crucial deciding factor. As most political pandits are predicting that Florida is hanging like pendulum for both the candidate & it's tough call but in my opinion Hillary will win it comfortably. On the political front Donald comment about Middle East to China is going to be fatal for US if he wins.

In my point of view and opinion, Hillary Clinton will be the 45th President of US. If you as reader defer from me then you may download Qsurvey from Google play and submit your opinion.

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  1. As an astrologer I already predicted Trump to be the next President and here is my link -