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How Cyrus Mistry Spoiling His Own Name!

The loggerhead between Cyrus Mistry & Tata Sons is getting worse every passing day.
Post serious evaluation of his work & performance of the Tata group of Companies, the majority shareholders of Tata Sons came to common conclusion that it's better to sack Cyrus Mistry to safeguard the interest of shareholders.

We all know that Tata Sons owned companies value its shareholders the most and ethics is the biggest mantra of their business process.

It is known process around the globe that once Group Chairman resign or sacked automatically give signal to outgoing Chairman to resign from all the post. Unfortunately, with Cyrus Mistry it's totally opposite and it shows his immaturity level on the professional side. First he influenced independent director of Indian Hotels and then Tata Chemical to ensure that he holds on to those companies and hurt Tata Sons. The reality is different; he is hurting the shareholder value as well as his own reputation. 

I want to ask him the followings
1. Why you have not raised the concentration well in advance?
2. When you acknowledged that there will be huge write off in Indian Hotels then why you are trying to hold on your position?
3. Why you took up Tata Sons top job given the fact that there is change is article of association?
4. Why you missed to see the upcoming impact of UK moving out of Europe and its subsequent impact on pounds followed by positive impact on UK operation?
5. Selling business in £ 1 is a right way to do business?
6. Tata Global Beverages struggled during your tenure and shareholder lost.

Given the above questionnaire for him, he is trying to take out his frustration of sacking and trying to show the world that he is well respected within board member of many companies. Mr. Cyrus, it's better to move out with respect rather than denting your own reputation. If you are so good then please run your family business and bring it to the level of Tata. You should be surprised that Tata Sons may decide to buy out your listed companies and at the same time your father promoted company name is getting dented.

Tata is a global name and most of the companies globally are attached with Tata directly or indirectly. Your move may directly or indirectly impact your own companies.
In my point of view, you should move out with a vision to build your family business and bring it to the level of Tata.
Think about it before taking another wrong step.

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