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Arrogance, Interference and Ignorance - Spoils Growth

We as human tends to have different behavioural patterns based on circumstances. Most of us are governed by environment around us. As we move from one stage of our life to another; we achieve success as well as failure in life. Down the line we adjust our self to ensure that we don't face failure on regular basis in best case scenario.

I would like to take three important key behavioural aspect which may take you down to a situation of no return and may impact your life for worst.

Arrogance- We all experience that on daily basis when we meet someone at work or social gathering or at home. During struggle, we tend to be very humble as we stuck the reality of life. The moment we start experiencing growth in our professional life as well as seamless family life, we tend to get arrogant. Arrogance is one of the factor which indirectly change our attitude towards any circumstances as we feel that we are not impacted by that. The moment we do so, we block our thought process and adopt aggressive behaviour towards others. We show that we are the best and others don't exists.Even if our best pal tries to make us understand that we are doing wrong makes no difference.
This arrogant behavioural pattern disconnect you from the realty. We stop learning and fails to accept our mistake. That leads us to make one after another mistake. We all know that bucket gets full one day and once that happen by that time, it's too late. For example, many young professionals started their venture in New Indian Startup Era. The free flow of funding took them to cloud. We all know that easy money comes and go. Many startup came up with classic innovative product but money power literally took those startup on the lane of dark road. Housing Ex-CEO, Rahul Yadav is the best example in front of us. He failed to digest success and now look at the state of him. It is very important to check your own state. If you tend to delegate work instead of doing it, stop learning, stop accepting your mistakes,Not following the time line means that you are stuck with worst behavioural aspect one can imagine off. Similarly, while in family life; if you only expect but don't want to commit yourself shows that you are going to be in trouble sooner or later.

Interference - It comes along with Arrogance. Once we achieve success then we tend to believe that we know everything and start commenting on area which is not our forte.In professional life everyone carry accountability and responsibility. Once successful then we interfere others responsibility and accountability without knowing anything about the subject. On a contrary, we always ignore own responsibility and accountability assessment.
The arrogant behaviour stops us to learn which makes the situation even worst. Similarly, In relationship;  Interference acts as poisonous dose. In Indian culture; the Interference generally comes from parents side but it's not true all the time. Many couple face Interference from better half too due to many reasons. Couple must remember that both the side should keep the inference factor out the circle as it helps in seamless relationship. Failing to do so always attract problems and that is the reason that Divorce rate is only going up.

Ignorance - Being an human as well as Professionals, we always think that let's do it tomorrow instead of today. Always tend to forget as we are not sincere about our responsibility. It leads you to a situation where it become habitual and you tend to blame one or another for the same. It Spoils your professional life. The combination of Arrogance and Interference along with it indicates that only worst is going to hit you hard. Similarly, In family life, Ignorance leads you to a situation where you lose the value of your word. Confidence factor on you goes down. If you have combination of above pointer then; you should be assured that you will do hard landing.

I was observing the above pointers and observed that many are falling in that category. I failed to understand in the beginning that why that behavioural change. Post research, I came to few conclusion. I decided to pen down and if my article help even one person then I am through. Thanks for reading article.
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  1. yup this heavy terms can spoil our future...should avoid this..