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Social Media In India - Headin Nowhere

India is considered as innovation centre of startup and digital life. With growing data user, most of us access  social media sites to keep connected with our professional and personal network. Indian social media user helped many companies like Google,Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo to meet their user forecast which in turn helped their investor to gain millions of $ in profitability.

Government of India is also big advocate of digital and social medium. India Prime minister maximum strategic moves nucleus point start with social media to reach out to millions of user within minutes. Social media helped many to reach out half of Indian population directly or indirectly and it is expected that India will offer 85 to 90% reach-ability through better Technology and Network adoption.

We as an Indian talks big on Social to Political reforms. Whenever their is any positive or negative happenings around us, we tends to take Social media to inform our network. Somehow and Somewhere we failed to identify the real use of Social Media. For an example, if one checks their Facebook or their kids Facebook then it's nothing but photo sharing site. It's so interesting that some of us picks old lady photo suffering from hunger and share it with friends coupled with strong recommendations to share it with their near and dear one. Unfortunately, most of us never care to follow the path of helping poor. We all should be honest with our inner soul and should ask our self that, Do we have a right to ask others to follow which we never follow.

Share an informative article which is related to kids and put it on your network. You will observe that you may get few likes from your immediate family but others don't care. On a contrary you put stupid gossip and look at the interest factor.

Share one educative information for kids and you will be disappointed by seeing the result.We as human are destructive and preacher by nature but fails to follow the path of constructive and helping human. I call those Cosmetic people tries to get attention. We talk about road safety on Social Media but never follow traffic rule.

Readers must be thinking that I am taking out my frustration but the realty always looks like frustration. Think over it and initiate the activity which really help our society, family, friends, government and governance.
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