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Navjot Singh Sidhu Joined Congress - Moving From Democratic To Dynasty Family

Navjot Singh Sidhu is known for his open talk straight from heart. He is an excellent communicator when it comes to audience. The self proclaimed defender of Punjab people got dented the moment he joined Congress. All of us know him for his integrity and commitment and knows how to stand on his statement. For the last few years he was very vocal in BJP and wanted an important role within party but seems BJP lost the confidence on him for one or another reason.

Post his resignation as Rajya Sabha member, he tried to open his own party followed by open for all negotiation. He confirmed that in Politics Ideology never gets any point but the designation. He negotiated hard with AAP followed by Congress. He maintained that he wants to do social work in Punjab then why he kept on rotating his negotiation with different parties.

Ultimately he landed in Indian National Congress which is known for  party where inner voices are generally crushed. The honourable vice president of Congress Rahul Gandhi is always right irrespective of his unsubstantiated allegation against anyone. If you will observe Congress then it's really amazing that how senior party member keep on praising Rahul and never question his strategic move. Now Navjot Singh Sidhu has to follow the same path and it would be interesting to see his reaction when he lands in that situation.

Congress playing it Smart and will try to use him as star campaigner because of of his capability of instant response but failed to understand that it will also suppress Rahul Gandhi personality in Punjab. I wish all the best to Navjot and would wait to see his resignation from Congress in next 6 months.
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