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Indian Women Life - Straight From Heart

It’s Women’s Day and this is my way of celebrating it. YES we all celebrate it around the world claiming that in present times women are being respected and treated equally, most of the time it's true in all the worlds in all their minds, but when we come face to face with the day to day news of some or the other kind of emotional, mental and physical assault, all of the claims appear false.

There is no denying that in many ways the female population in our country is being given all the opportunities in the world and that we have even proven to be the pioneers and leaders in our field of choice but even after being the entrepreneurs, achievers and torch bearers in many walks of life every now and then its reminded that there is still a long way to go for what has been perceived and what is being practised in that direction.

The government, the society and even the women themselves now think that there are all kinds of laws, agencies and rules in place to help them but still there are many incidents that bring all those claims to fall. The laws made by the government are being misused in the full sight and awareness of all, the kind of language used by the very law to protect as the woman is in fault where she is tagged as “property of the husband”, “liability of the parents”, where even when the divorce is being filed by the so called husband side, it's expected, demanded and pointed out in the court that the victim woman should address herself as the wife of the same person who has disgraced her, the title has to be of “Mrs” in paper court even though the so called mister has treated her as a punch bag and she has to go from door to door to get what was rightfully hers because her parents had bowed down to all the demands of the so called groom and his family’s desires.

Agencies those have to protect the women also somehow end up looking the other way even after knowing that most of the cases in question are clearly those of exploitation of women. All said, its high time that now we celebrate women’s day in the true sense. Make sure that law, the language used in them is respectful to women, we are always given all and equal opportunity as men, stop taking them for granted and make sure to pay attention to stand up for them when it feels RIGHT. Looking forward for every day to be a Women’s Day.
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