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Titan Industries Share Price Crash and Opportunity

Indian Government and RBI acted heavily on Gold importer to curb record quantity of gold import to safeguard Fiscal imbalance. In most recent month May, India Gold import value was close to $8.3 Bn and Trade deficit came at slightly higher than $20 Bn. The government and RBI increased tax from 6 to 8% whereas also put a clause for all importer to buy gold by paying cash instead of getting three month credit or Gold Leasing. The immediate impact of the same was monstrous on Titan Industry and Share price of the same fell more than 39% in three trading session. Currently, Titan is trading at 230 INR and expected to move higher with more flowing clarity on impact. Given the financial soundness and brand, Titan can easily line up finance to continue their business without any disruption and may capture market share in return. 

The investor may choose to do their analysis on Titan potentials in the form of their brand, presence, Financial health which is positive, and changed strategy to handle unavoidable move from government. Buy of dip in small quantity and build volume over a period of time to play around Titan Industry share price recovery.

Disclaimer: The above opinion is author own opinion and strongly recommend investors to consult their financial consultant before investing
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