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Equity Market movement may move on Positive or Negative Side - QE Direction Indication from US Fed Chairman Statement Tonight

As rumours are on the high side that US Fed is going to offer tactical and strategic direction on QE tapering. In case Fed gives an indication of gradual tapering in bond buying, the market is going to be in sell off mode and other way around in same status quo. It is advisable for Retail investor to go through the US Fed Chairman statement before taking Intraday, short or long bets. In my point of view, US Fed will not be in favour of disturbing hard earned stability in US Market and cascaded market place. Any tightening of liquidity is going to impact economic growth and recovery of Job Market. So tune up for US Fed direction before making your Equity or Bond or Commodity positioning. Please get connected with your financial advisor on the same

Disclaimer: The above opinion is author own opinion and strongly recommend investors to consult their financial consultant before investing
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