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Do Your Best & Forget The Rest - Mantra of Beating Depression & Road to Happiness

We  as human are prone to depression. All of us goes through depression on many occasion and leaves no stone unturned to blame others. Depression is nothing but drug which rarely let you get out of your own thinking shell. More one think, more the problem it creates. Once into depression, one generally cut themselves from social life and go quite in professional life. The worst impact of depression is nothing but a thought process when one degrade themselves and feel that he or she is useful and there is nothing left in their life. They don't see any light of hope which create fear psychosis in one's mind.

The fear psychosis impacts ones health to start with. The most common problem which arises from depression oriented fear psychosis is Irritable  Bowel Syndrome, Blood Pressure, Eating Habits and many more.

Once gripped it start impacting one's financial situation as one will be running from one doctor to another doctor provided depressed one is willing to get the medical support. The major problem with depression that the person suffering from Depression generally donot accept that he or she is into depression.

The person experiencing depression generally donot share their thought process with their near or dear one be it friend or family. It is very important that the person going through the depression talks their mind with person they are most comfortable with.

Here is some of the tricks to beating Depression and leading a happy life which in turn will be positive financial impact rather than financial drainage system.

First and foremost action what depression person should identify the problem before its too late and  followings are the some of the indications:

  • Catch your behavioral  changes before it's too late.
  • If you feel less confident, Lazy, Scared at work, Fear of Job losses, Family problem based Stressed, Financial problem attached problem, Hesitation in attending Social gathering
  • If you donot like to share your problem at home especially with parents or wife
  • If you get nervous in no time
  • If you start confining yourself within your room
The above are some of the basic indications at early stage and on can rectify it and solve it by his or her own. I will take few example based explanation which can take one out of it.

  1. Are you worried about your job loss because of your performance?
In my point of view, One should stand in front of mirror and talk with yourself. Ask yourself that what worst can happen with you and you will get an answer that you will be fired in worst case. Accept it and then start preparing your skillset. We as Human can learn anything in no time if we have conviction to learn it. Judge your current skills and analyze the skillset required to get another job. Work on enhancing the Skillset which you dont have and put your heart and soul into it. Donot hesitate in asking your confusion with anyone but one can use online forums to get those answer if  you don't want to reveal it. The process will divert ones thinking process from fear to learning and subsequently will get the confidence. Start looking for job and keep the offer letters in hand before quitting your current job.

  1. Talk your problem with Parents or Partner if facing financial problem
Once identifies that depression is gripping then dont waste any time and open yourself with your parents or partners. They are the best friends. Once you will do so then you will relax a bit and at the same time you will get additional thought process through them. Once they will stand next to you then you will get the confidence. Listen to parents or partner suggestion and start implementing without a second thought that why they are suggesting that and you will observe after sometime that you are gaining confidence in fighting depression. Cut down on your cost. If you are well positioned then immediately take loan from bank with overdraft facilities. The loan should be taken in order to soar up your financial aspect even though you don't need it

  1. Kids are not Settling Down
Many parents undergo depression due to their kids not settling down. First point parents should think that they can only try and nothing else. Will your son or daughter will get a job if you go into depression. Talk to your kids and tell them all the time that you have full confidence on them and they will do it instead of general practice of criticizing them . Stop talking negative for your kids as it will also impact your kid and he or she might go to depression domain

  1. Depression Due to Health Reason
Many of us gets depressed because of health reasons. It also impact our family member and take them into depression by seeing your situation. Think positive, consult doctor, follow doctors advice blindly. More importantly, you should discuss your health concern with your partner. Its human nature that tender support from partner work like pain killer. You should think that you can only do the best to be cured.

The day one start thinking that at the end of the day we have to leave this world one or another day. We all are scared of that day and always think that what will happen to parents to family. Nothing gets stopped as clocks always moves on. Once you will get rid of that fear then you will start cherish your life that will help you sleep well which is very important to fight depression. It will also put you in a situation wherein you will start thinking that what worst can happen with me is nothing but i can only gain. Once that trigger will lead you to positive frame of mind and will generate will to succeed in life.

Hence Cheer up, enjoy your life, make friends, share your pain and happiness. if any of the reader wants to share their experience then please feel free to share it at  we will review ones experience and post editing will publish it y hiding your name
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