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Stop Blaming Circumstances for Failure

Human being lives in a society of ping pong game. Most of us inherent unavoidable nature of blaming other rather than blaming ourselves for one or another failure but we are very good in taking credit. The natural nature of all of us to be ready with excuses when it comes to take the onus of failure and try to throw it to someone else irrespective of personal or professional life.

In office, if we are given an assignment and it's not done then we plan the excuses with focus on other. Most of the time we fail to accept that,  It's my mistake or I don't know but tries to throw the ball in other court like " Waiting for input" or " I have a question" . It’s clearly indicating our nature of not accepting failure but take the route of circumstances as excuses for not delivering. If someone claims that we don't do that than its blatant lie.

Take an example of Personal Life and if someone is supposed to buy the vegetables but missed it completely and reached home. The answer will be simple " Dear I was on a call while coming back home" or I got late or Vegetable quality was not good or bla bla instead of accepting that it skipped.

 In a scenario, we change our nature a bit towards proactive acceptance of failure then our success is guaranteed. If we accept that because of lack of knowledge I failed to deliver then there might be a scenario wherein my reporting manager will sought at me but he will allocate additional resource to keep the deliverable on time. That will help us gain knowledge set and will not be forced again to give another excuses.

We all must remember that it takes fraction of second to give excuses but lots of guts of accept mistake. The day we start accepting our mistake we make home run. I would like to request readers to think over it and will appreciate readers experience or comment.
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