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Foundation of Friendship - Open Communication

In today's environment, everything is moving fast, be it technology, job switch, growth etc. We all are running behind success all the time and left with little to no time for family to friends.

In the process, most of us moves on and makes new friend and non communications with old friends leads us to a situation wherein every 5 years our friends circles are getting changed.

Many call it circumstantial situation but I call it intentional one. If we want then we can always ping our friends( true one) and CNX show our care for the best friends. At the same time we can definitely make new friends to expand our social reach.

Unfortunately we do the reverse and always choose status over friendship. Most of us always think that tomorrow I will ping my best buddy but rarely remember to do so whereas we always remember to ping someone from where we can gain financially.

We should ask ourself that who we are and why we are; when we do not care for someone who used to be one of the major component of our life ecosystem for few to many year.

The foundation of Friendship is nothing with open communication  and it always give positive result. Never ever forget someone who stood next to you during good and bad times as you know the result. It always help to go back to friends when you land into the problem.

Fortunately, I have a friends like Mathew, Ujjwal, Rakesh, Sudhakar, vikas , rajiv beri, Ashutosh, jatinder and can blindly go back to them during good or bad times to get the guidance. Life is nothing  but the circle where one is surrounded by close one and friendship matter the most. If readers feel the same then do like the article and if one think that it's worthwhile to share it with their near and dear one then do share share it.
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  1. frndship is the most precious gift...Try to save it always..