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How Donald Trump Messed it Up During 1st US Presidential Debate.

USA presidential election most important ritual is to have three rounds to debate between candidates to demonstrate their strategy for the country which help candidates to change the tide of electro voters.

When we talk about Donald Trump, he forced himself on Republican Party by using the touchy pointers without evaluating the impact of those comments and if implemented then on every citizen.
His bombastic attitude of believing in his own principle and categorising others as idiots.The billionaire candidate from Republic party on many occasions used filthy statements to words against Hillary Clinton.

The first debate is already done and in my point of view Donald Trump messed it up completely and should first learn the difference between the global leaders vs. Billionaire turned politician behavioral pattern.

Please find the following observation with respect to both Donald and Hillary and how Donald got trumped.

1. Attitude - Attitude is very important factor for any leader to be accepted by every citizen of that country. Even though USA citizen attitude is to forget everything and respect the elected President of USA. Being the superpower and main driver of many Geo political situation and it's outcome, it is also necessary that potential candidate should posses gravity oriented attitude.

Hillary Clinton - Experienced Hillary should humble attitude and never showed during the debate that she was once the Secretary of State and contributed heavily in refining and defining the foreign policy of USA showed the caliber of correlated response in few lines. 

Whereas Donald Trump showed an arrogant attitude and openly admitted that he is rich. Without any record to support, he blamed Clinton for all her work and said that I will finish terrorism in few months. During interaction, he showered all his words here and there with no correlation.

2. Approach - Approach is very important factor for all the leaders around the global to be effective on global platform. We all are aware that USA leads global democratic association in one way as to spread democratically elected government in one or another country. In order to achieve the leadership stature wherein global leader of similar effect in their region falls in place given the dignity and integrity filled approach.

Donald Trump showed aggressive attitude while discussing about terrorism, Cost to secure Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia. He knows how to take money for everything he does and it's because of his business. He do not understand that the mentioned countries bought billions of $ of American papers and if they start selling then USA will be in deep financial crisis. One side he kept on saying that debt on USA is around $20 trillion but do not understand that the mentioned countries give money to USA government.

Whereas Hillary Clinton very categorically mentioned that any domestic or international action or decision requires contribution from many departments. She pointed out that rash decision leads to a situation which will not be easy to handle.

3. Email Saga: Donald Trump kept on attacking Hillary Clinton for using private email server while serving for government. His simple intention was to demonstrate that she is not ethical.

Whereas Hillary negated his attack by saying Sorry to whole USA & in turn showed her skill set of submission in front of common people.

4. Hispanic Immigration & Wall with Mexico.

Donald Trump - Donald got the pulse of the white citizen when he tossed the topic and got the overwhelming response from white community. From that time onwards, he was continuously raking the issue and even suggested that Mexico will pay for the Wall. It shows his racial nature. Reader should observe him when he asks any protector coming to his campaign and he thinks that his name is bigger than USA. During debate he got cornered completely. In any of the scenario, he will not get any Hispanic vote for sure. Donald should think that who will work for your building construction if you will throw such people.

Whereas Clinton agreed to a point that USA currently going through the illegal immigrant issue but solution is not to kick people out but to find a solution collectively. Her response was filled with complete insight and understanding about the way government works.

5. Donald Tax Paper - It is common practice in USA presidential election process that the entire contesting candidate release their tax paper public to ensure that declaration inflict confidence with voters.

Donald Trump - Even after numerous requests, Donald is not releasing his tax filing papers. He owns multiple businesses and filed for bankruptcy many times. Even in that scenario, he announced from the debate forum to whole world that I don't care about tradition and I am not going to release it. He should answer to citizens that he will not sign any bill which will benefit his company directly and indirectly.

Whereas Hillary accused him that he never given single penny to government. She also highlighted that he is not releasing it and there might be reasons such as false public statement about his wealth.
Similarly, on IT services he mentioned that he accessed directly that Indian IT giants are taking out IT jobs whereas the facts are simple and that is the superior intellect at lower price points.  None of Indian companies asked USA or other countries to give work to Indian IT companies but they offer it on the basis of quality work delivered by Indian IT professionals.

Similarly, he commented about American African community to marginalise USA election but forgot to understand that his strategy will not work in USA. The whole Asian, African, Indian community is rolling behind Hillary.

The arrogant attitude and approach hunted Donald the most coupled with very weak understanding of politics.

It's guaranteed that if Donald doesn’t change his campaign strategy and mend ways with many to whom he hunted badly then his loss in the election is guaranteed.
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