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Indian Economy and Stock Market Received Thumbs up from Mutual Funds

Indian economy is on the path of gradual recovery. Many analyst predicted that the real turnaround will only happen by 2018 but economy revived sooner than expected. Many economic pandit on many occasions criticized current government Finance ministry and opposition took government policy as a yardstick to show the failure in pushing the economy.
On the other hand, Indian Stock market is maintaining at the upper side of the range supported by few numbers.
1. Indian experts are hopeful that US Fed initiative to raise to interest rate will impact India less than expected.
2. The trade deficit of India is keeping at the lower side of the threshold
3. Inflation is going down
4. Gold import went down dramatically and the cost to the exchequer will be around $1.19 Bn during August revenue.
5. CPI (Consumer Price Index) is coming down
6. Inflation is coming down
More importantly Mutual funds injected more than 11k crore which is an indication of investor community confidence on range of companies operating into different segment. In case economy will give an indication then you will not invest in stock market.
I am expecting that gold import will further reduce because of high international price point.
In my point of view that India on the path of recovery and it's the good news for the retail investor.

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