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Let's Make Indian Citizen Funded "Terror Barrier Fund"

My today topic will revolve around Terrorism. First of all Myself and my whole team offer our deep condolences for our brave soldiers who lost their life in protecting our motherland as well as to their grieving family member. My heart goes down for each and every life lost world wide due to terrorism be it Indian or any one else.

India in particular is the terrorism innovation lab wherein terrorist keep on attacking Indian civilian to military installations to create instability in India. This time around I must congratulate all politician to every single citizen of India who stood firm hand to hand to denounce Uri attack in which we lost more than 18 valuable life of human.

Our Honorable Prime Minister whose vision revolve around the common people wasted no time in defining the eradication of terror menaces.

India is suffering from Terrorism for the last 30 years and every year Indian government invested billions of Dollars to protect both civilians to military.

Take an example of Parliament attack where many Police personal to Special Security Guard laid their life to ensure that common citizen of India are safe.

Take another example of Mumbai Terror attack to Mumbai Train blast to Bangalore Blast to Pathankot Airbase attack to Pune Blast and many hundred more. Government makes lots of effort to help in many ways to the family member of our BSF, Police, Soldiers, Civilian but we cannot return the lost son or daughters to grieving family.

The most heart breaking moments are those when family member receive the body of their loved one draped in tricolor while controlling their emotions. Money or consoling those grieving family is not going to take their pain out for rest of their life.

Time has come when we all as common citizen of India should stand hand to hand in order to help our country and be the protector of country indirectly so that we all act as part of the protecting parties.

I propose that Government should start contribution Fund Called " Terror barrier" wherein every citizen should contribute INR 1 per day. It will cost INR 365 per person per year and will facilitate our government additional $7Bn to fund the infrastructure of boarder area, more powerful surveillance equipments, Settlement of grieving family, Education for Soldier Son/Daughter, Support for Soldiers parents.

Am i asking too much! Then the answer is no and I am confident that all citizen of India will contribute in "Terror Barrier" Fund. I also know that India is facing acute problem of poverty and in that scenario; the common citizen should take additional responsibilities to adopt one person or two person.

I am sure that whoever will read this article will definitely share with their friends or family irrespective of region and religion.
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