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Me Happy, All Happy - Typical Indian Attitude

This article is dedicated to those who believe in me and myself rather than WE. We as an Indian are very social in nature and generally believe in self centric activities. I am saying this after number of years of observations as well as experience.  We fail to realise the pain of others, we fail to help others, we fail to respect others, we fail to abide by the law of land and many more.
I would like to give few example and request reader's to think about it. I believe that post reading the article some of us will change our attitude

Cleanness Drive - Honorable PrimeMinister of India launched swachh bharat abhiyan and all of us appreciated it. We are very good in appreciating but worse in implementation. Many opposition parties turned critic as they feel bounded to oppose any good move by the government. Then comes the attachment of celebrities in the said drive to create awareness. Many TV channel covered the same and now the situation is " Have you seen any of them doing the cleanness Drive". The common citizen throw garbage next door because they think that its municipal corporation job to collect it. They feel that their house should be cleaned and dont care that their activities are going to make the neighbor house dirty. We all eat on roads and where we through the things, its sever line and subsequently we block the pipe then blame government or civic body for water logging during rainy season

Helping Others - We have seen many accident on road and more importantly the passerby will look at the accident but never help. If there is fight going on then all of us stop our car or bike to see the fight rather than call police.

Treating Others - Indian society is bad in treating people equally. If one is having money then they think that they are god. They treat badly to their staff such as driver or maid or even company staff. They think that one should work day and night for them and he or she is only having family life but not their helpers.

Helping poor- We are very bad in helping poor people. We are ready to throw hundreds of $ in parties but never care that we should also help people living their life on roads
Treating daughter-in-law - We are pathetic in respecting daughter in law. We believe and some of us even think that daughter in law is nothing but maid of the house. At the same time when the same happens to own daughter then we give lecture.

Free Suggestion - Indians are ones who believe in giving free suggestion to others. We jump without being invited to give suggestions but when it comes to implement that we find that person standing nowhere.

Follow Rich - We are those who believe in making rich people as friend and never believe in making poor people our friend. We believe in showoff's rather than showing our natural  nature
My intention is not to hurt anyone but to raise the issue with broader community. More interesting when our time is good then we are arrogant but when we struggle then we blame others or get jealous that why others are not struggling.

It's very easy to show the other side of the face but we all need to learn to show our true face not the cosmetic one. In my point of view, one should not believe on status, money and materialistic world rather than focus on humble nature. 
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  1. In India there is less people who believes in helping and growing together, but you can find the people who will use you to achieve their goal and as soon as it accomplished you will certainly become invaluable to them.

    The points you have raised here is very much valid in the Indian context.