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What Happen to Girl When Guys Break Engagement - It's Like Death Penalty

In today's world its very common for male or female to come out with a statement that " I dont love you any more but like you". The changing dynamics of society is accepting that trend with open arm. As both the side feel the pain for few days then moves on.

Scenario gets changed in a country like India where the tradition of arranged marriage is more than Love marriage. In India now a days both girl and boy are allowed to meet each other in front of family member like toys to understand the liking and disliking. Girls in that scenario really feel uncomfortable but under family pressure she generally surrender and in order to keep her parents happy; she went through the embarrassment.

Then comes the real negotiation when guy parents says" we donot want anything but newly wed couple need comfortable life which include decent car to household" . After few days when discussion comes to venue then guy parents want it big and select 5 star or farm house to show it to their relative.

Then comes how much money girl is going to bring it to new family. These days guys are so handicapped that they dont have the voice to protect the girl post engagement even though they are engineers. They follow parents decision wherein they never listen to their parents when it comes to dating other girls to drinks to smoke

Then comes the shattering part when guy parents decide to break the engagement on behalf of guy as if father in law was supposed to get married to girl.

Indian girls are very sensitive and emotional in nature. These social happening and then sudden breakdown takes them to depression while guy goes out in the make to sell his degree with money. I want to ask the society that why everyone think that its tradition. All of us should stand together and boycott that family so that other learns from that.

I believe this article will bring few guys to level where he can have the guts to stand for the girl
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