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Nawaz Sarif Upcoming UN Speech - Contribution on terrorism, Peace, Economy by Pakistan

The Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Nawaz Sarif is going to address UN Assembly today in next few hours. Being the prime minister of Pakistan and major contributor of global fight against terrorism, he landed well in advance to meet Mr. John Kerry and other high level official from Obama government to create an strategy on Global situation.

He also called his good friend and Army Chief of Pakistan post his meeting with Mr.Kerry to appraise him that Pakistan are getting lots of support across the political segment of USA.
The potential will be the content of Nawaz Sahab speech in UN.

1, Pakistan As Coalition Partner of USA - He will try to take the credit of helping USA and EU soldier in their fight in Afghanistan.  He will stress that just because of this coalition, Pakistan is getting targeted by the Terrorist

2. Peace Effort by Pakistan Army - He will stress that how Pakistan army is fighting the tribal located at tribal area adjacent of Afghanistan. He will also stress that, Pakistan is investing billions of $ in eradicating the influx of terrorist from other countries.

3. Unrest In Baluchistan - He is going to put the blame on Indian intelligence agency that they are behind the trouble in the area.

4. Economic Growth - Being a peaceful country, Pakistan is focused on economic development and that is the reason that we have give part of PoK to China so that millions of Pakistan unemployed people gets the job.

6. We are Sufferer of Terrorism - He will stress that we are the victim of terrorism on daily basis and fight tooth to nail in order to safeguard our citizen and India is  responsible for that.

7. Kashmir Dispute - Then he will come to Kashmir issue. It is expected that he will again points out that there is human right violation and its the freedom fighter of Kashmir fighting with India wherein those freedom fighter steal arms and ammunition from our storage and go back to kashmir. He will also stress that we are really sad with the recent terrorist attack on Indian installation.

8. No Terrorist Camp - He will also tell to world that Pakistan is free from radical people.

Dear Mr. Nawaz Sarif, please stop the play as Pakistanis are very good people and also helpful. You should go and ask the local vendor about the terrorist and you will come to know the answer. No one want any confrontation between India & Pakistan as all rich people of Pakistan will move out of Pakistan and at the end common people will suffer.

Please check the number of audience who are going to be present and then wait for our Foreign minister speech

It's no one but Pakistan common people who are suffering and country is on the brink of Bankruptcy

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