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Growing Chinese Smartphone Adoption By Indian User Vs. Boycott of Chinese Goods - What a Contrast ?

These days one of the hottest political and News Show topic is to boycott Chinese products post China certain political stand. When it comes to countries, it's very obvious that many tries to make all brownie points to achieve their hidden goal. Well know Talk Show Anchors advocated the concept of boycotting Chinese product in response to Chinese political stand.

The news flashed all over media channel pipeline and many trader association also decided to boycott Chinese Product during Festival season of Diwali. I do respect everyone point of view but the reality is very different and example is Rise of Smartphone Shipment by Chinese players.

Isn't it upside down contrast. Those who are protesting or recommending that one should not buy Chinese products are comfortable in Chinese product. Smartphone Shipment rise by Chinese players is nothing but testimony of reality. During July- Sept 2016, Quarter; Chinese players Smartphone shipment witness double digit growth. At the same time Chinese players are investing heavily on new assembly lines to fulfill growing demand of their brand and at the same time not focusing on profitability.

I believe that after reading this article; people who is using the product from china or any other countries should not recommend what common people should use or don't use. One should set an example and then only these movement makes sense.

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