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India Should Break Diplomatic and Trade Relationship With Countries Supporting Terror

Terrorism now a days becoming tool for some countries to destabilise other countries.Many countries including US, Iraq, India,Ghana,France  and host of other countries faced as well as facing terrorism in on or another form. Some of the deadliest terror groups are generating millions of $ through illegal trade and using it against civilised countries.

Many countries are facing civil war where warring side is only interested in power game. Some countries are supporting dissents to topple government and call them fighter against atrocities.
At the end, civilian life's are getting affected but the handlers to the head of state of such countries are living peaceful life.

Some countries are very active in funding terror group but at the same time their leaders talk big on terrorism.

In any of the circumstances, if we want to lead peaceful life then those hidden element of terrorism needs to be exposed without thinking of its impact.

It's ironic that with many countries who support terrorism, most of democratically elected governments are doing business as well as selling arms to them. By doing so they are helping terrorist to fight against them.

The series of terrorist attack in India and subsequent surgical attack by Indian armed forces proved that countries uses terrorism as state foreign policy.

In my point of view, honorable prime minister of India, should lead and set an example by putting such countries as "terror friend" and snap all the Diplomatic and Trade relationship.

India may loose few hundred million $ and few hundred thousand jobs at home. It's the right time that India should send very clear message to such countries as well as non effective security council of United Nation that India is serious about eradicating terrorism from root.

If reader agree with my point of view then he or she should share it with their friends. Readers may also choose to follow me.

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