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iPhone series Smartphone Success May Help Apple to be Number One in Revenue Share in Premium Segment

India being the central attraction point for global Smartphone player given the huge market place. Most of the Indians are turning towards Smartphone to experience the power of Digital segment.
We are also aware that Indian buyers tend to buy high end phone on EMI model and constitutes around 3%of total wireless user.

Till now few Smartphone players like Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG & Apple targeted that segment where average selling price of device start from $ 600 and above.

Apple recently launched iPhone 7 series and reduced the price point of earlier series to gain traction. Even deducting the price points the price band start from $700.

Unfortunately, Samsung messed up its strategy with the battery issue around Galaxy Note 7 and at the end halted the production. The move is going to impact the sales of Galaxy series during holiday season in India. Based on my analysis, Indian Smartphone market during Q4 FY 17 will be around 32 million. Around 8% of the total device sold per month falls under premium segment which is Apple segment. Till now Samsung dominated the segment but Apple may turn the table this time around with fresh line up of Smartphone. In my point of view, the way Apple Smartphone received with adoption post launch, I will not be shocked if Apple topples as number one revenue share leader in premium segment.

Disclaimer: Article is based on author analysis

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