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Should Samsung Drop Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Relaunch - Lower Acceptability Expected

In order to win market share ahead of Apple iPhone 7 series launch, Samsung pushed all the partner to deliver the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and launched it without doing proper assessment.

As per the brand image which Samsung command, they shipped 2.5 million GalaxyNote 7 but unfortunately they encountered unexpected problem of battery blast. Samsung realised that it will dent their image and recalled sold device along with that offered multiple alternative to existing Note 7 user. 

They got another jolt on their branding when most of the Airline world wide issued advisory to traveller that they should not carry Galaxy Note 7 during flights.By that time iPhone 7 series came out with multiple unique feature and many of the feature I predicted well in advance.

Before Apple started pre booking of their devices,I forecasted that they will have bumper pre booking and it might be a scenario where apple newly launched black jet will be sold out immediately and we are hearing the same. 
In my point of view, Galaxy Note 7 problem helped Apple in big way and expect that Apple will continue to gain in next two quarter.

I mentioned in many of my article that one misstep may take down the brand and Note 7 saga not only impacted Samsung Brand,  market cap, customer loyalty and above of all millions of Dollars in losses.

Based on my calculation, the recall as well as changes in the production will cost Samsung in between $ 1.5 to $2 bn. As Samsung is planning to relaunch their Galaxy Note 7 on Sept 28 but I feel that perception around Note 7 among potential buyers are very negative.  It will be very difficult for Samsung to regain the same level of confidence from potential buyer. 

In my point of view, when it is expected that Revamped Note 7 will have low Acceptability then why Samsung is not dropping the product and launch Note 8 with enhanced software and hardware in next two months.
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