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Mr. Narendra Modi Initiated Ground level Economic Growth Strategy Implementation - Do you Agree?

Mr. Narendra Modi from the days of his CM days, always focused on rural segment. One of the best example is the electrification in Gujrat. During general election 2014, Mr. Narendra Modi focused on rural citizen and proposed multiple initiative which he is going to take if elected for Prime Minister office. Indian economy took around 24 months to stand on its feet and his initiative to streamline the processes to cut the red tapes as well as to build the confidence of citizen on his governance. It is true that he cannot make everyone happy but time to time survey on his performance indicates that broader section of India like the way he is running the country.

He is fortunate that Oil prices nosedived the day he assumed office but he resisted in reducing the price of oil such as Petrol or Diesel with a notion that he will be using the generated revenue in the welfare of Indian citizen.

He is well aware that India will not prosper till rural sector stand on their feet especially post two years of drought as well as disastrous crops  production. Third year luck came on his side and monsoon across India came around 97%. It is expected that crop production will be bumper and cash flow will be there in the rural sector.

To add the additional revenue stream for the rural sector, he proposed to all Indians to use locally made lights, candles, sweets, gift item, handicrafts etc during festival season. As we all know that earlier, festival season in India used to considered as major earning season for the rural sector based citizen. Unfortunately, the free trade and flood of low cost, low quality product with very high margin drifted all businessman to import lights, candles, chocolates, gift items dried down rural sector earning potential.

Mr.Modi is using current geo political situation in Asia and is urging common citizen to turn around to local procurement for such item and it will help rural sector to generate additional cash which in turn will be flowed back into economy. Once it's done for first time then auto economic scenario will kick in. It will help rural sector farmers and businessman to pay back their debts to bank without impacting their existing reserve which will help Indian bank to reduce their provisions. The above cascading eco connect will help government to reduce their fiscal deficit and inturn get better rating from the rating agencies.

Narendra Modi With 6C's Excellence

Modi's Journey Of Life
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