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Mukesh Ambani Indirect Warning To Incumbent Indian Mobile Operator's - Sign Of Frustration Or Tactical Pressure Game

Mukesh Ambani is known for his vision and will to achieve it at any cost. He started his dream project to connect the unconnected Indian with digital medium brought nothing but storm in Telecom Mobile Operator segment.

The unprecedented user adoption in the first month of service offered Reliance Jio much needed confidence about their product proposition. Due to lack of foresight by Reliance Jio team which landed those in difficult situation when it comes to have sufficient point of interconnect. 

The loggerhead between Indian Telecom operator's and Reliance Jio is moving towards bad to worst. Even after interference by TRAI, it seems that both the side is not in a mood of budging down and want the regulations to be on their side.

Mr. Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Jio recently termed Reliance Jio as fresh student and called the process as ragging.

In my point of view, it shows his sheer frustration but at the same time he should recognized that he came into the segment and broke the backbone of revenue stream of many established players in the name of digital  connect.

The call drop situation improved with many incumbent Mobile Operators and it may some time before call drop issue will be resolved. In my point of view, the tactical move by Mr. Mukesh Ambani is to tilt the payout model from calling party pays to bill n keep. In Bill n Keep, Reliance jio is going to gain whereas Telecom mobile operators are bound to lose.

The growing confidence of Reliance may get dented post they launch their commercial services and Mr. Mukesh Ambani should ask his team to fix it up.

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