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Political Life - Ideology Follower vs Power Seeker

Political world is most difficult area to work. Political world around the globe follow different threshold but more importantly follow very stringent lifestyle to represent their constituency. Global leader jobs are even more difficult as they need to be very calm during the most irritating time without changing the expression on their face.

When it comes to India, it’s a very tough area to be in where there are full of veteran’s politician following very simple lifestyle where few of them follow lavish life style.

There are many political parties in India with different Ideology and some of the politician follows the same from start to end. They are generally those politicians whose single aim is to serve his or her constituency resident rather than anything else. Ideology follower requires no certificate on their honesty to commitment for the party ad they will be there till the last breath of their life. It is universal truth that either you believe on something or you don't.You cannot say that today I believe on you and tomorrow I will shift my loyalty. How any politician can do it like that?

On a contrary many politician who seek attention change their loyalty. How one can shift from one party to another party to whom you charged with many allegations in the past. In India, it's very common where some of the politician change their parties based on the trend. If one figures out that his or her party is going to lose the election then they switch over to parties who is carrying higher probability. I call such politicians power Seeker as they cannot live their life without power.

Indian political system need to take stringent action against the fee to ensure cleanup of opportunistic politician and at the same time send clear message to such politicians that Indian voters now are more educated.

In my point of view, Indian political parties are also getting matured and will not entertain opportunistic politicians.

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