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Samsung Halted Galaxy Note 7 Production Temporarily - Indirect Acceptance of Bigger Problem

Samsung at last halted production of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 premium Smartphone post receiving the persistent concern around battery even after releasing the recalibrated Smartphone.

Many big market based regulators of Samsung such as China, Korea, US are in close discussion with the company.
In my point of view, the unfortunate happening with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 must have distracted the management, research and development team, strategy and branding team.

The move is going to give free run to Apple during holiday seasons. In my point of view, Sony will get a golden opportunity to grab market share from Samsung in lucrative market like European Commission, IS etc.

The move is also an indirect admission that the problem is not confined to battery and Samsung research and development team will take more than expected time to fix the problem.

Even though they will come out with refined Galaxy Note 7 then also the product adoption probability will be very dismal given the negative publicity around it.

As I pointed out in my earlier article that Samsung should withdraw may come true in near future.

I forecast bumper Apple profitability during holiday quarter whereas Samsung will suffer badly.

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