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Satellite Communications is an Integral Part of Indian Armed Force - Best Early Warning System

Post India Surgical Attack onTerrorist camp based in PoK, both side media is busy in analyzing the impact. Most interesting of them is around Nuclear War. It seems to me that Media should restrain themselves in sending fear factor among citizen on both side of the border. We all must remember that while preparing for the surgical attack, India made use of its Satellite in big way to pin point the movement of Army to Heavy Artillery to Terrorist. It helped army to lock the coordinates and mapped it with its control system.

The Satellite Communications can be considered as the biggest  advantage of India against many countries. India must be using its advanced satellite to keep track of each and every movement and in any circumstance can send the exact locations of deadly equipment which may help Indian armed forces to prepare counter measure. In my point of view, such skirmish by anyone will be met with surprises from India side given his Technological superiority.

In my point of view, both side of the citizens should get united to fight against Terrorism. Just for the few thousands, millions cannot wait at the stand to get affected.

Disclaimer - It's my personal opinion. 
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