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India May Launch Another Surgical Attach on Terrorist Infrastructure Using Cyber Warfare

Post Uri Army Station attack by Terrorist based across the border, the tension between India and Pakistan reached to maximum. Everyone expected that it's the right time for India to respond. After number of assessment on Geo political situation, Indian armed forces successfully executed surgical attack against terrorist camp.

Even after surgical attack, India categorically mentioned that it's not an act of aggression but self protection from terrorist group. Most remarkable move happened from Honorable PrimeMinister of India and he gave demonstration of his will to protect Indians without any hesitation.

He indirectly gave indications that he will not sit idle like earlier government but will respond to those who were involved in coward act against humanity.

Post surgical attack on terrorist camp, all started talking about revenge act by Pakistan but in my opinion that is not going to happen as more than 27 powerful country supported India act.

We must remember that Mr. Narendra Modi believes in Technology more than anything else. Based on the research, he was very vocal about the need to develop cyber warfare army as at global level more technology adoption is happening. He invested lots of time with his security advisor and invested heavily on intelligence at all level which he showed during surgical attack. India must be aware of all infrastructure capabilities of Terrorist and won't be surprised if he launches Cyber attack on such infrastructure to stop the illegal funding to communications among terrorist groups. In that scenario, No one can claim that India violated Line of control with any country. Stay tuned... 
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