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Android Based Survey Application - Use It To Gain More Customers

E2E Infotel Analysis Private Ltd launched Qsurvey for both B2B and B2C segment covering all sectors. The current business environments are based on customer satisfaction in order to retain customer base. It is utmost importance to create awareness about the product any organization rolls out.  The marketing to Finance to Technical Team can be judged about their knowledge level about the company to product to customers to competition.

We have observed that recently all the exit poll around the globe is coming at the wrong side of the pole. The launched Qsurvey application can be used to get the exit poll done as it is attached with inbuilt reporting algorithm. One can see the trending which can help parties to focus on respective area.

Universities are under transition from manual to digital segment. We have to go for parent’s teacher meetings to know about our kids around studies and many parents give their recommendations which are really difficult for the universities to school to aggregate it in order to find out the improvement area.

Hospitals in India or abroad can use the application for the betterment of services by knowing it firsthand. When it comes to mobility area, we have seen that globally most of the handset makers gain or lose market share due to one hit or miss by them. The offered Qsurvey will help them to know buyers preference which in turn may help the organization to develop according to dynamically changing environment.

The application is dynamic in nature coupled with self healing analytical capabilities and one gets the assessment automatically as well as digs out customized reporting. The Qsurvey can be used by anyone and defined as per the customer requirement within minute without much of human intervention.

Do download Qsurvey & feel the innovative approach. If one would like to get the white labeling of the product then they may visit company website contact page.

Let us know your views by downloading Qsurvey from Google play. You can find much more interesting survey over there.
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