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Indian Opposition Dilemma In Current Indian Political Environment

India being the place of biggest democracy is turning into ring fight. All political parties are trying to project them self's as the protector of common peoples even though their representative’s talks in English within Parliament. Do readers believe that the people for whom they are fighting for understand English.

When Mr. Modi came in power in 2014, many political parties took him lightly as all of us were aware that the Indian economical to social segment was moving downwards. Everyone expected that Mr. Modi will fail in the first year of being Prime Minister.

They started flowing when Mr.Modi turned himself as communicator and started many social projects which directly helped common people. He asked his team to invest in Technology & asked team to map all department of government.

The Indian political parties started showing their discomfort with more adoption of government initiated project which got reflected in states assembly elections held in the last one year. Now for everyone it's mandatory for the political parties to find negatives from each government initiative in order to be relevant. In my point of view, Indian Opposition Party is contributing the most in promoting Mr.Modi initiative as they start raising concern about the initiative irrespective of focus area. 

The same happened when Mr.Modi was CM of Gujarat & gave extra publicity to Mr.Modi. The recent Demonetization step by the government is good for common people and it is going to help common people the most. The lending rate, inflation is going to witness downward fall whereas it will have positive impact on Indian economic health. 

One needs to clean up the system and it's not Mr. Modi mistake that previous government failed to do so.Opposition parties blamed government that they are not acting against hoarders of pulse and now when government is trying to make hoarders money worthless than opposition is questioning. In my point of view, Opposition parties should stand firm with the government to enable government to make India stronger and indirectly help government to fight terrorism.

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