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Donald Trump Family Involvement During Government Official Meetings - Against American Political Protocol

As far as, I remember about US Presidents starting from Ronald Regan to Barak Obama; all followed stringent Protocol on all front. American Presidents were always known for their strong ethical values and committed themselves towards American welfare coupled with strong commitment towards world community to set certain threshold. The stringent protocol follow-up always brought in respect from all quarters to countries for the respected position.

If we take Bush era, we never saw that father included both the sons during official meetings or offered them lucrative government positions. Bill Clinton never involved his wife Hillary Clinton.

Ironically, Donald Trump is following opposite route. We all observed that Donald Daughter & Son-in-law attended meeting with Japan Prime minister. Under what capacity & capability, Donald asked them to join the meeting? Isn't it taking undue advantage of one's position? We all know about Donald Trump real estate business interest and involvement of his Son-in-law; I view it as indirect message to global partners to work with those who pose little to zero political attached strategic and tactical knowledge. As Donald Trump refused to release his income tax return paper by giving one or another excuse he may come out with another one to engage his family member within his administration. It is going to hurt America's image.

I would like to bring to reader's notice that Honorable Prime Minister of India followed stringent moral protocol & kept visiting his mother instead of inviting her to stay with him. That's called commitment towards citizens and country.

In my point of view, Donald Trump is setting new era in America & will lose the confidence of citizens very soon.

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