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Paytm Turning Out To Be Savior Of Common People Of India

The ongoing demonetization implementation by Indian Government to remove 500 & 1000 currency note worried many citizens and vendor of India. We have observed long queues outside banks to exchange Demonetized currency note but at the same time common citizens are happy with government decision & cooperating with the system. Any tough decision to improve the country financial sector followed by subsequent sector brings hassles and same is getting experienced by common people.

Many claimed small vendors to cab drivers to travelers to vegetable sellers are facing problem and I partially agree to that. The recharge and money transfer application Paytm is acting like a savior for many including professionals.

Most of the shopkeepers to citizens are buying their goods using Paytm payment mechanism wherein the hassles experienced by the common people got reduced.

You must have observed that long queue outside banks are getting reduced as many of us found the way to ensure that how we don't get impacted. I went to shopkeeper to buy few items and asked him about debit or credit card acceptance and was shocked when he said that we are accepting Paytm payment. It's encouraging that shop had no facility of debit and credit card acceptance tool but was happy with Paytm.

I must congratulate Paytm management & employees for their hard work to help India during difficult transition.

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