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Indian Economy Turning Around - Right Time To Invest

Indian economy struggled for the last 5 years & impacted the overall project of India. Post NDA government at the center and subsequent slew of policy reform inflicted positive waves within the economy. The stringent control on black money movement and management forced many businesses to release the hoarded corps which impacted the CPI, WPI. Based on the recent data CPI, WPI is on the downward spiral whereas IIP numbers are on the upswing. Government managed the core infrastructure sector in an articulated way and announced an investment of more than $30 Bn to kick start cascading industry. The additional duty imposition on rolling steel products from china is just a testimony of government move to protect the fair business practices and give a message to countries believes in dumping.

The auto industry showed remarkable recovery whereas cement sector is in upswing. The trend of buying pattern on both online and offline indicate that Indian consumer and business confidence factors are coming back.

The good monsoon also provided added leg as consumer durable and white goods sector witnessed good growth.

The comment from rating agencies regarding GDP growth is encouraging. The most important factor is Indian oil basket cost which is pretty low and government is generating additional revenue which they are diverting to social related project.

The initiative by the government and policies targeted towards the root level ignited the demand and capex cycle slowly taking shape. In my point of view, Indian economy is going to give very strong return to those who is willing to invest with long term view. There are many stocks which are ripe for major upward swing and I will come back with another article on the same.

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