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Pollution, Health, Clearness Vs. Demonetization Move By Central Government - Exposed Many

These days Indian political arena is very active for the welfare of Indian citizens. Being a place of free speech & Largest Democracy; we Indians are always free to give our opinion but stand last in the queue to support it. For the last 70 years, Indian healthcare, Sanitation, Cleanness got little to no attention whereas industrialization increased to a level which propelled pollution to worrisome state.

Post 2014 general election, Indian Government initiated many plan around Healthcare, Sanitation, Cleanness & most of the political parties tried to find the missing link of the plan instead of joining hands to make it successful. All those initiative were directed towards the welfare of common citizen but none cared for it.

The outbreak Dengue and chikungunya across Indian geographies keep many state administrators sleeping due to lack of attention by the state government. The blame game continued between state government and Municipal Corporation while common people suffered to the maximum. Hospitals were flooded with people suffering from health problem but government took no steps till the honorable court of respective state as well as Supreme Court intervened. At that point of time most of the political parties were sleeping as it was not hurting them.

As we all know that India is facing acute problem of corruption, counterfeit currencies, terror funding, and terrorist attack. Many of the above started impacted Indian economy with higher inflation to loss to government exchequer.

Indian Government recently came out with demonetization of 500 & 1000 currency note to eradicate corruption, terror funding, black marketing of essential good and many more. Suddenly many political parties got active and started caring about common people. They started blaming that there are huge queue, poor citizens are suffering etc. Why they were not active when the same were queuing outside hospital during viral, dengue, chikungunya outbreak.

I am amazed with Aam Aadmi Party Supremo agitation and care about people. He wasted little than 5 min before jumping into the bandwagon to criticize government move. I am so sadden with some of Indian political parties who believe in power and leave no stone unturned to show their crocodile tears.

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