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Upcoming Trouble For China & Pakistan - Thanks To Donald Trump Potential Policies

From the start of his campaign for US presidential election 2016, Donald managed to divide the citizen on the basis of job, terror, low income tax rates, China dominance whereas left no stone Upturned to praise Russia.
He openly criticized China for their currency management and Pakistan about their continuous support for terrorism.
It is evident that being a president of US, Donald may take aggressive position against china goods selling in US which will hurt China in big way whereas may go to any extent to ensure that US is dominant militarily. He may also oppose china claim on South China Sea & may impose additional duties on Chinese goods getting sold in US.
Ultimately, he will be major contributor for millions of job losses instead of creating it. Fall in Chinese economy means global recession is unavoidable.  Trump should also be careful that China may retaliate by pulling their money from US government securities.
All the best to Trump and whole world

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