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Donald Trump US Citizen Job Protection Promise From H1B Holders

Nothing Wrong in Dreaming  To be US President still in election campaign mode. He came out with ever flashy statement that he is not going to allow H1B holders to take US citizen Job. We heard the same from current President Barack Obama and nothing happened for 8 years. I am amazed with Donald Trump Behaviour; one side he shows his love for India by visiting Indian community to celebrate Diwali and at the same time treat Indians as Job eater of US citizen.

Why US government not releasing that how many job got created by Indian companies and startup by Indians. He should also tell the world total taxable contribution by Indian community. He missed to understand that Indians are an integral part of US companies and contribute towards US society. 

Donald Trump statement also indicated that all private companies are owned by government.  It's companies choice to hire under constitution of US and it's also their responsibility to ensure Shareholders interest. 

Indian IT professionals are known for their effective and efficient work and never mind to work an extra hour for the benefit of organisation whereas developed country professionals work as per the timing irrespective of company situation. 

Donald Trump should understand loud and clear that without Indian IT professionals, US Technology sector will loose it's competitive edge.
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