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Donald Trump Vs. CIA Faceoff On 2016 US Presidential Election - Undermining Credentials of US Agencies

To be President of US is known for his erratic statement and nature. When he was lagging in opinion poll then he questioned the sanity of US Presidential Election. He kept on saying that if he looses the election means election is rigged otherwise it's not. Isn't surprising.Based on the creditable source post intense investigation, US Intelligence agency CIA launched probe post President Barack Obama order to check the cyber movement of Russian government backed agencies.

There is nothing wrong for a country to do their internal probe before coming out and accusing any country for the interference of their electrol system.The event unfolded 2 weeks before the election raised many eyebrows and US citizens posses full right to know the truth.

Donald Trump wasted no time and gave as usual derogatory Statement about CIA and undermining agency immense contribution in defending US citizens.It seems that Donald Trump won the election but he is still in the election campaign mode and on daily basis accused one or another for something.
He must understand that given the role US plays worldwide, it will be very difficult for him to run the country. 

There is a saying that one can commit anything but fulfilling it require lots of conviction, commitment, concentration and communication. Basis the current trend of Donald Trump he lacks all and in turn undermining one of the most trusted institution of USA.He should remember that now he is President in waiting and any blunt statement will hit his policies hard once he takes over. He need to learn to come out from order to collaborate mode.
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