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European Union Facing Unparallel Challenge To Be A United Front

European Union formed on 1st Nov 1993 with conviction to create uniform like minded political & broader economic zone. With time many new countries with weak economic state were included in European union due to political compulsions. The move backfired as it burdened rich country to uplift the economic, social, & infrastructure state of weaker countries. The recession hit European union showing following indicators which may lead many countries to opt out of European Union.
  1. When UK decided to go for referendum whether to be or not to be in European Union, UK citizens opted out of EU with the basis of influx of labor from neighboring countries and increasing jobless rate within native British citizen as well as high crime rate. UK exit of EU prompted many countries to raise their concerns and considered as the beginning of difference of opinion among citizens
  2. France went through the series of terrorist attack which prompted right wing parties to raise their reservation and advocated that they should have their own right to protect their borders. The recent election results indicated resentment towards European Union policies to processes
  3. Germany local election clearly indicated that Angela Morkel is losing their support on the basis of her multiple controversial decision on refugee influx, Security, Financial support to weaker European union attached countries.
  4. The bad economic state of Portugal, Greece & Spain followed by enforced austerity program by European Union in order to get the financial support from member countries did not go well with common citizens.
  5. The austerity program launched by many countries are opposed by citizens
  6. High pension and other social welfare is costing European Union member countries dearly and citizens are advocating that the citizens deserve the support moreover the support to member countries for their socio-politico-economic upliftment.
  7. The influx of Syrian Refugee and European Union member country decision to support them did not went well with citizens of the respective countries as it stressed economic situation of those countries. The series of terrorist attack in European Union member countries and failure of EU to come out with strong policy deal with it attracted criticism and leaders of member countries are finding it difficult to justify the defined policy at ground level.
  8. The jobless rates are not improving and it is impacting member countries revenue generating capabilities whereas debt level of member countries increased in order to support social welfare scheme.
  9. European Union common currency Euro lost against basket of currencies which impacted traveler's buying capacities. Economic situation is going from bad to worse in most of the member countries and the recovery rate is very slow.

The above mentioned few ongoing concerns by more than 500 million citizens are forcing many member countries government and opposition to start talking about their right to control their financial, homeland security and many more, Many countries right wing parties are leaving no stone unturned to gain the foothold by convincing citizens that they were in better situation as standalone countries and broader market is not helping economy instead of that major chunk of taxpayer money is going to support other countries. 

Many member countries citizens started feeling that many member countries are not contributing in common cause but acting as parasite on other countries taxpayers. European union is currently at inflection point where economic recovery is desperately needed coupled with growing job opportunity for all. Additional deterioration on economical, social and security state within member countries may prompt many to leave European Union.
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