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GoI Action Against illegal Gold Trade & Holding & Its Impact On Economic Environment Of India

Indians are known globally for their love for Gold and Gold Products. Common people of India prefer Gold over any other immovable assets. India has imported around 1000 tonnes of Gold in 2015 & paid around $35 bn for the same. India is also one of the biggest market for illegal gold trader. The huge holding of Gold by common citizen is neither helping economy nor adding any value to citizen's earning growth.

We all know that Indian jewellery sector runs on cash transactions and its impact on economy is unparalleled.Indian Government in an effort to eradicate Black Money hoarders in any form announced Demonetization of 500 & 1000 currency bills. It is widely known that major chunk of Black Money are getting invested in Gold.

Post Demonetization, Government of India announced rationing of Gold per citizen wherein married, unmarried lady can keep 500 &250 gm respectively whereas any Male can keep 100 gm.If we consider household with 4 family member which include two daughters then its 1.1 kg of Gold one family can keep.

The impact of the same will be immediate as jeweller won't be able to sell Gold through Cash transaction. Every jeweller will be bound to take PAN card of buyer before selling Gold. Regarding the implementation & monitoring; recent raids on jeweller by government agencies sent clear message to jeweller to fall in place or be ready to face music.

On the contrary, GoI will save valuable foreign currency and balance of payment will improve which in turn will help falling Indian currency to get stability against basket of currency. It will help India to demand better rating from Rating agencies which will reduce country cost of borrowing.

On domestic front, non identified black money hoarders will think twice before converting black money into Gold. The tax collection by the revenue department is bound to go up which will help reducing fiscal deficit.

The rationing will also help government to kick-start economy as household attained holding threshold will be left with no option but to invest in other investment tool which is going to rotate the economy.

In my point of view, through rationing of Gold holding limit, GoI may get part success in eradicating one of the biggest holes in the economic cycle.All of the above, higher revenue, lower fiscal deficit, higher social spending will ultimately create more jobs.
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